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गुरुवार, 24 दिसंबर 2020

Complete information about Rafale and its technology


In this blog, we    will get to know in detail about Rafae (Rafale) and  his technology  .Rafale was joined the Indian Air Force on 28 July. Rafael's program began in France in 1985. The designer of this plane is Mars Dussault, who is an active member of the Dusslet company. The first prototype of this plane was flown in 1986.

A prototype is a kind of series demorator. When the French government liked this prototype, it officially approved it and removed the budget to include it in its arm force. From 1987, its plant officially started. In 2004, the first fighter plane was inducted into the French Navy. In 2006 it was inducted into the French Airforce.

Mars Dassault

 An Air Force has to do many types of missions, different types of fighter planes are required for them. for example : - 

  • Missions of a fighter plane.

  1. Air security

  2. Ricognishns Mission (Reconnaissance Mission )

  3. Tektikl bombing (Techtical Bombing)

  4. Strategic bombing (Stratagical Bombing)

  5. Strike fighter

  6.  Nuclear naval operation

When Rafale was being designed, it was designed keeping in mind that it should be able to do all kinds of operations, and all the fighter planes should also have its properties.

Rafale does not have a multirole fighter plane, it is an omni role fighter plane.

  • The multirole fighter also performs the entire operation. But it cannot perform all operations effectively. But Rafale is the only fighter plane that performs the entire operation. That is why it is called omni role fighter.

Rafale weighs 11 tonnes without weapons and Rafale can fly with it with 16 tonnes of weapons and fuel. Rafale can fly one and a half times more than its weight, it is the only fighter plane that has so much weight lifting capacity. It is Rafael's world record which makes it a special type of plane.

25 km of wire is used to make a Rafale fighter plane, we can guess that this machine is very complex. More than 3000 electronic components are used in it.

Software to design Rafale: -

The company built its own software to make Rafale. The name of that software is Katya. In this software, he designed every single item used in Rafale, even parts up to 1 millimeter were designed in this software, and it was also tested by applying it in this software and then its work in the ground Was launched. The Dassault company also offers this software to other companies for use on license.

Time to make a Rafale: -

It takes 2 years to build a Rafale and a team of 7000 people, this gives us an idea of ​​how difficult it is to make this machine.

The Dust Company has divided the Rafale version into 3 parts: -

  1. Rafale-B (Rafael-B) = Rafale-B is a training variation designed to train a particular pilot.

  2. Rafale- C (Rafale C): - Rafale C which is designed to fight in the ground level.

  3. Rafale M: - Rafale M is designed for the Navy, which helps in the operation of the Navy

 Rafale takes off on the medium and the short runway. So Rafale does not need a big runway, Rafael only needs 400 meters of runway for take offwhich is an important thing. Rafael is a very good fighter plane to operate from an aircraft carrier.

Features of Rafale fighter aircraft: -

  1. Dassault Company of France.

  2. 35.4 foot width.

  3. 492 feet total width including wings.

  4. The length is 33.8 feet.

  5. The height is 17.4 feet.

  6.  Rafal speed of 1750 kts.

  7.  Able to penetrate an area of ​​450 meters.

  8. It is capable of dropping bombs from a height of 55000 feet.

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