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रविवार, 10 जनवरी 2021

What were the things that caused such bitterness between Indira Gandhi and Jai Prakash Narayan .

 Today we will learn about the person who has influenced modern Indian political ideology the most after Gandhi and Nehru, and will know why the relationship between Indira Gandhi and JP came so bitterly.

By 1974, the entire Indian atmosphere had turned against Indira Gandhi and in favor of JP (Jai Prakash Narayan).  JP was seen as the savior of the country. His slogan of "complete revolution" was beginning to attract the general public.  Rather, the concept of their unrestless democracy was also being taken seriously.  There was a demand from the Congress also that instead of colliding with JP, they should try to take them along.

Under pressure from the people, Indira Gandhi reluctantly agreed to meet JP. Senior journalist and a participant in the JP movement, Rambahadur Rai says that JP had said that the demand to dissolve the Bihar Legislative Assembly was justified.  You should consider that.  Finally, when the matter was almost over.  Then Indira said just one sentence, think about some country, this thing was going to hurt the heart of JP.  After this JP said that Indu, what else have I thought other than the country.  After this, from whatever he got from JP, he told that Indira insulted him.  After this, JP also started saying that now we will face Indira in the election field . After this heated debate, JP expressed his desire to talk to Indra Gandhi in a minute alone.

       Inder Malhotra writes in Indira Gandhi's biography "Indira Gandhi A Personal and Political Biography"

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When jagjivanRam moved to another room, JP held Indira a bundle of yellow papers.  It contained letters written by Indra's mother Kamala Nehru to JP's wife Prabhavati in the 20s and 30s, which Prabhavati kept very well.  In these letters, Kamala had openly mentioned the ill treatment of women of Nehru family.  JP said that he received this letter in his papers after his wife's death last year.

       Seeing these letters, Indira Gandhi got emotional for a while, but by then there was a lot of distance between them.  PM Dhar, who was Secretary to Indira Gandhi, writes in his book "Indira Gandhi Emergency and Indian Democracy" that Sugadh Dasgupta of Gandhi Peace Foundation, who is mediating between us and JP, told me that policy matters are not so important.  My advice is that you give some credence to JP. Radha Krishna and Das Gupta were hoping that after becoming Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi would establish the same kind of relationship with them as Nehru and Gandhi did.  Indira Gandhi appreciated JP as a human being, but she did not agree with his ideas from the beginning.


   According to him, he was a principle litigant who gave more importance to practical things, after having such views about each other, it was almost impossible to create an understanding of the political between them.  Destiny had no choice but to let a confrontation between them.The bitterness between JP and Indira was so great that Indira Gandhi declared an Emergency in the country on 25 June 1975..

Earlier, JP addressed a big rally at Ramlila ground in Delhi.  Famous journalist Kubi Kapoor writes in his book "The Emergency a Personal History".

 In order to keep the crowd away, the then Information and Broadcasting Minister Vidyacharan Shukla asked Doordarshan to change the time of Sunday's feature film from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  In place of the predetermined film Waqt, he had decided to show the biggest blockbuster movie Bobby of 1973.  Once again no bus was allowed around the Ramlila ground and people had to walk for one kilometer to reach the venue.  Namita Bhattacharya, the adopted daughter of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had said that when she was going towards the venue, she heard a loud voice.  So he asked the taxi driver, whose voice is this, the taxi driver replied, this is the sound of people's footsteps. When we reached Tilak Marg it was packed with people, then we had to leave the taxi and from there we walked on the Ramlila Maidan.  Started walking

On 25 June 1975, at 1:30 pm, Chandrahar son of Radha Krishna, (secretary of the Gandhi Peace Foundation ) was sleeping under the open sky.Suddenly Chandrahar came in and woke up his father with his suppressed voice saying that the police had brought a warrant of arrest here.  Radha Krishna came out, the police showed him a warrant of arrest against J.P .  Radha Krishna told the policemen if you can wait for some time.  JP has slept too late, he has to get up at three - four o'clock because he has to catch a flight to Patna in the early morning.  The police agreed to wait.  Radha Krishna did not sit quietly.  He instructed his telephone operator to inform the arrest of JP to whom he can call.

While walking Radha Krishna said to JP, would you like to give a message to people JP thought for half a second and stared directly into Radha Krishna's eyes

  "Destruction Black Opposite Wisdom"

In January 1977, Indira Gandhi decided to hold elections, in this election the Janata Party won and Indira Gandhi herself lost her seat.  After the victory of the Janata Party in March 1977, the exercise of forming a government was going on that Indira feared that those affected by Sanjay Gandhi's forced sterilization program would forcefully take Sanjay Gandhi to Turkman Gate and publicly  Will sterilize.  Eminent freedom fighter, Planning Commission member and India's High Commissioner to South Africa, Lakshmichand Jain writes in his autobiography "Civil Disobedience to Freedom Struggle Life".

(JP became very upset on hearing this.  He decided that he would go to meet Indira Gandhi at her residence and after that JP went to Indira and had tea with her and talked to her.  After meeting him, JP issued a statement saying that Indira Gandhi's political life is not over yet. )

JP met Indira Gandhi and asked Indira Gandhi how her expenses would be incurred if she was not the Prime Minister, then Indira Gandhi told her that we should tell her through the royal income of Jawaharlal Nehru's books, and some of her income.

He also assured Indira that he would not be discriminated against and he personally appealed to Chaudhary Charan Singh to Murar Desai and also gave a statement.

 Within a few days, JP's disillusionment with the Janata Party also dissolved.  He was sick in Patna and the Janata Party leaders did not take any news of him.  Indira Gandhi, on the contrary, stopped in Patna and went to meet JP.  After this meeting, JP blessed Indira and said "Your future will be brighter than your past".  Raji Ahmad, who knows JP closely, says that the relationship of the two was restored in the last days of JP.

However, political advisers believe that Indira Gandhi's meeting with JP was a part of her politics and she was also fully successful in it.


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